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Haaga-Helia opens doors to the world of work. We specialize in educating professionals in the fields of business and service industries. Our focus is on researching and developing. We offer a diverse range of programs including business administration, information technology, hospitality, restaurant, and tourism management, journalism education, sports industry, and vocational teacher training.
JAMK is a creative university of the new generation. We are dedicated to fostering and strengthening learning, expertise, and competitiveness in collaboration with partners and networks both in Finland and internationally. Our core fields of expertise are growing and renowned at a national level, and some have gained recognition on an international scale. Each of these areas plays a vital role in education and development.
Novia is a student- and work-life-oriented entrepreneurial university of applied sciences with a special mission to actively contribute to the competence supply and sustainable societal development of bilingual Finland. We promote the development of circular business models and sustainable entrepreneurship by creating various networks and sustainable, intelligent system-based technical solutions.

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