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Academy for Circular Economy is your key to success in the green transition. As a university-based hub, we empower you with the expertise and tools needed to thrive in the circular economy. Our approach ensures economic prosperity while staying within the planet’s limits.

By optimizing resource utilization and harnessing the power of digitalization, we drive transformative change across society’s structures and operations. Join us in shaping a sustainable future and unlock the full potential of the circular economy.

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Trends in Circular Economy
Did you know that circular economy business models can increase business revenue up to seven times compared to traditional business models? Circular economy trends guide markets and influence the demand and mobility of products.
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Consumers demand more environmentally friendly products
In a 2019 Accenture survey of more than 6000 consumers, 81% said they would buy greener products in the future. "More and more consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable products, reinforcing the need for companies to increase their commitment to sustainable business," says Jessica Lang of Accenture.
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Responsible investing
Investors are paying increasing attention to the social and environmental impacts of a company's activities. For example, the 700 investor organisations participating in the global Climate Action 100+ initiative have influenced-on companies responsible for more than 80% of global industrial emissions. Thanks to pressure from investors, 52% of the companies targeted have committed to zero emission targets. The trend is similar for Finnish sources of finance. Sustainable development goals are often assessed as a precondition for receiving funding.
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Development of technologies enabling the transition
An increasing share of funding for Finnish start-ups and growth companies is focused on developing sustainable technologies. New technologies are constantly emerging and existing ones are being further developed.
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Increased regulation for sustainable development
The European Green Deal promotes the efficient use of resources and the transition to a clean circular economy. The Green Deal uses a range of policy and development tools, regulation, standardisation, investment and innovation, and international cooperation to achieve the EU's climate goals. The EU aims to transform its economic landscape to ensure a sustainable future.
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Accelerating climate change
The European Union is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030. To achieve these targets, the EU is updating its legislation to steer business towards the circular economy.
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